Tannas Company and King Refrigeration claim proud membership in the Savant Group of companies. The Savant Group comprises four multi-faceted companies offering unique specialty services in the field of lubricant development and analyses. Affiliated companies include Savant Laboratories (an independent testing laboratory, research and consulting firm) and the Institute of Materials (IOM). The four companies have served the many needs of the lubricant and oil industry over the last 45 years. Aware of the ever-present need in the mechanized world for continuous development of instruments and methods to aid in formulation and quality assessment of lubricants, the Tannas Co. began in 1981 as the manufacturing and marketing arm of the instrument developments from Savant Laboratories.

Now recognized as a global manufacturer and marketer of highly specialized laboratory instruments for lubricant and chemical testing, Tannas continues to develop instruments as the petroleum and lubrication industries expand.

Notable Tannas instruments and tests that are patented and included in international engine oil specifications are:

  • Tapered Bearing Simulator Viscometer (TBS™)
  • Quantum® Oxidation Tester
  • Scanning Brookfield low temperature pumpability test
  • Thin Film Oxidation Uptake Test (TFOUT)
  • Thermo-oxidation Engine Oil Simulation Test (TEOST)

Tannas manufactures high quality, high precision instruments carefully assembled by in-house craftsmen. Each instrument we manufacture is fully commissioned by a Tannas Certified Engineer.

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